Edge of  Eden 

Samantha Edge, Reiki Master & Intuitive Empath 

About Samantha Edge

Samantha has always felt intuitive and close to spirit, even from a young age she has been sensitive to people's thoughts and feeling. She has the ability to feel energies and tune into the spirit world and angelic realms. 

It was only after her own healing journey that she started to fully understand her gifts and start using them for the higher good. Being a mother and having experienced her own heart-aches, challenges and life lessons opened the door for helping others. Sam says: 

"I've always loved helping people and have a natural 

compassionate heart but I wasn't fully aware that becoming a 

healer was going to be my life work until a little later in life."

Samantha trained in Usui Reiki Healing and soon began to know intuitively where the healing needed to go within her clients; working on the mind, body & spirit. Following this Samantha studied psychic & mediumship awareness, something that she felt was always innate. She fine tuned her natural abilities with training from Beverley Anne Freeman, international psychic & author.  After many years and many different jobs, Samantha is now fulfilling her dreams and life purpose, filling her clients with love and joy.